R.I.P. Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade?

Reality television's favorite...friends deleted each other from their social media. Now, fans are wondering if their bond was another Bravo-produced plotline.

R.I.P. Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade?
Photo:David Becker (Getty Images)

Late last night, an unsettling news item found its way onto my desk: Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards and the country crooner that appeared to have captured her Kemo Sabe cowgirl-hatted heart, Morgan Wade, have deleted nearly all traces of each other from their social media. Love? Consider it on life support.

On Tuesday, the terminally online noticed that Wade deleted any trace of Richards from her Instagram grid. To be fair, she deleted nearly all of her content save for two tour announcements which could mean she’s simply focusing on promoting her career right now. Still, us Myle-stans (this isn’t a thing I just made it up) were reportedly crestfallen—even more so upon realizing that Richards, too, had deleted every recent picture she had with Wade by Tuesday. The last remaining photos of the two together were shared in August 2023.

The sudden social media scrub stands in stark contrast with what RHOBH viewers are currently seeing on screen this season. Wade has made several appearances—hell, we’ve learned more about her than franchise rookie Annemarie Wiley—all of which have been, well, very sweet. Cameras have captured her supporting Richards through new tattoos and tribute events for her deceased childhood friend, and when they stopped rolling, she and Richards still seemed fairly inseparable. Earlier this month, they were spotted shopping for the latter’s birthday.

In fairness, Richards recently expressed remorse for including Wade in her on-camera activities since this season of Housewives aired: “She’s an artist, you know? She just wants to make music and all of a sudden she was thrust into this like, world of gossip and tabloids and traveling and having paparazzi take pictures of her,” she said during an Amazon Live in early January. “Like myself, she suffers from anxiety, so I felt terrible to have put her in that position.”

As of now, Richards and Wade have yet to unfollow each other so perhaps they have just decided to keep their…friendship from prying eyes? I, for one, would shudder to think of their bond as just another Bravo-produced plotline…

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