Rachel Dolezal Admits to the Skeptical Hosts of The Real That She's White


Rachel Dolezal and her new lace front wig appeared on The Real Monday in what I pray is not the beginning of an apology press tour. She spouted much of the same asinine rhetoric that she used when her story first broke this summer, but finally straightforwardly admitted what we all already know: homegirl is white.

What made this interview especially satisfying is that the women of The Real are all women of color and three are black. Loni Love and Tamar Braxton in particular were not letting Rachel’s ridiculous answers about how we all came from the continent of Africa slide. Tamar in her professor glasses served up some of the most contemptuous facial expressions I’ve ever witnessed. She also schooled Dolezal on the fact that no matter how Rachel identifies, she does not share the experiences of black women in America and she never truly will.

Rachel claims to have personally identified as black from a young age, and says that she was (until recently) considered biracial by others since 1998 although, let’s be clear, SHE IS NEITHER. Since 2006, she says she has publicly self-identified as black.

But Tamera Mowry gave a passionate and lucid undressing of Rachel’s tired argument that her personal identification somehow cancels out her actual background. Mowry said that she identifies as a black woman but loves and acknowledges the fact that she’s biracial—she’s not erasing who she is the way Rachel Dolezal tried to.

When Dolezal finally said plainly that yes, she was born a white woman, she received a standing ovation from an audience that was audibly dismissive of her the entire interview. She also revealed that she’s pregnant (although we already knew that) but did not reveal the race of the father. Either way, at least we can now say definitively that her child will, in fact, be at least half white.

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Screenshot via The Real.

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