Ray J Says Kim Kardashian Is Lying About the Ecstasy Situation

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That was quick! It has taken only one day for Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J to come forth and refute her claims of being high on ecstasy during the filming of their sex tape.

Ray J, a man of impeccable moral fiber, is said to have been offended that Kimberly would allude to him filming her while she was in an altered state. According to him, she was not on ecstasy, but she was a huge stoner at the time, preferring to take her weed out of a penis shaped pipe. If you can’t trust a man who owns a company called Scoot-E-Bike, who can you trust?

Meanwhile Kimberly’s sources stand by the claim, as she would “have nothing to gain by lying.” Well, Kim also claims that the two small planets attached to her backside grew there naturally, so do with that what you will. I don’t think that Kim was high during that tape. I do think that Scoot-E-Bike is an outstanding name for a business venture, but Ray J is also prone to trolling and antagonizing Kim, so I think that he would possibly lie about the situation as well.


During the filming of her latest Facebook Series, The Red Table Talk, Jada Pinket-Smith says that divorce from Will Smith, her husband of 21 years, is not an option. Jada, who has spoken candidly about the difficulties in her marriage in the series, claims that divorce would be too hard on her family… and material assets. She says:

“One of the ideas for me is that we’ve built such a beautiful community, we’ve built such a beautiful family and our survival — we do well together…Because when you have to start going in, breaking up assets, that right there…” “Let me tell you, that’s when the red table turns upside down and it won’t be red no more!”

We stan a pragmatic queen!

[Oh No They Didn’t]

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