Report: Jamie Spears to Resume His Duties as Britney's Personal Conservator

Report: Jamie Spears to Resume His Duties as Britney's Personal Conservator
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Weeks after Britney Spears’s ex-husband filed a temporary restraining order against her father Jamie Spears for allegedly shaking one of her sons, TMZ is reporting that Jamie Spears will resume conservator duties over Britney.

For months, fans have speculated that the Britney conservatorship was in turmoil following the cancellation of her Vegas residency and the time she recently spent in a mental health facility. But #FreeBritney is longer relegated to the podcast conspiracy theory community; the idea that there is something very weird about the battle for Britney has gained traction. On September 18, the Los Angeles Times published a piece pointing out the irregularities of the fact that Spears’s father has been both her personal and estate conservator for 12 years:

“Conservatorships are designed to protect people who cannot take care of themselves, but Spears, now 37, has worked nonstop over the course of her own, producing four albums and going on as many world tours.”

It seemed as if Jamie’s control might be coming to an end after Federline filed the restraining order. Jamie remained a financial conservator but a new personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, was appointed. However, TMZ reports that despite Federline’s claim Jamie Spears broke into son Sean’s room and shook him, Jamie will resume his role as personal conservator in January.

But TMZ also reports that Britney has not spoken to her father since August 24, when the incident with Sean allegedly took place. She also skipped the Wednesday hearing that may have reinstated her father as conservator, appearing instead at a red carpet event a few days later.

As someone who has worried about Britney’s well being daily since 2008, her newly brunette hair is also a sign that Jamie is no longer in charge. When Jamie took over as conservator after her 2008 breakdown, the first order of business seemed to be getting Britney, who wore dark wigs in many of the videos for her Blackout album, blonde and back to work as quickly as possible. On September 5, just two days after TMZ reported that Jamie Spears was being investigated for reportedly shaking Sean, Britney was brunette again. Chances are, she’ll be blonde and back on stage by mid-January.

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