Report: You May Only Enter Tom Cruise's Hotel Room Backwards


Here’s a fun and utterly ridiculous (aka perfect for a Friday) year-old rumor about the star of the season’s greatest film. Per a report by Radar Online, a source that is admittedly questionable but far from a purveyor of exclusively fiction, Tom Cruise requested that all staff members of the Corinthia Hotel in London walk into his room “backwards” while he was recovering from an injury sustained while filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

A source tells Radar Online that Cruise was embarrassed by his injury due to a frightful combination of vanity and his belief that Scientology “has a miraculous healing power.” They continued:

“He really annoyed staff at Claridge’s… It made everyone’s lives hard as they had to open doors with their backs while carrying trays stacked with the health foods Tom makes them order in, and it was a nightmare for cleaners… They felt ridiculous and nicknamed Tom ‘Fawlty Towers’ during his stay, after the TV show starring John Cleese, who is famous for his Monty Python ‘silly walks’ sketch — and because they joke his head’s faulty.”

Just for fun, I searched through a copy of Dianetics I found on for instances of the word “backwards.” Its single use doesn’t necessarily provide helpful context here, but is nice at pointing out how wholly bonkers Scientology is:

By use of dreams and restimulation of somatics the preclear was able to reach the beginning of the engramic chain as counted backwards from birth. Fifteen prenatal experiences were unstacked. They were found lying in two loops. The loops were corrected and the basic engram of the basic chain was reached. (A loop is a redoubling of the time track back on itself. In this case incidents are not in their correct place on the time track. )

Whatever you say, L. Ron! Anyway, here’s a video of Tom Cruise running backwards for 30 seconds. Happy Friday! If you walked backwards for him or any other injured Scientologist, send me an email (written backwards) at [email protected]!

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