RNC Chair Tells Soledad O'Brien That Romney's Abortion Position is Consistent, Soledad Laughs and Laughs


Whinemumbling RNC Chair Reince Priebus made the fatal idiot mistake of appearing on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien today. Unsurprisingly, when O’Brien pointed out that Mitt Romney’s position on abortion is characterized by all sorts of obfuscation and self-contradiction and Priebus tried to worm his way around giving her a straight answer, Soledad ate him for breakfast like a robin with the wake n bake munchies. Apropos of nothing: Reince Priebus does kind of sound like the name of a breakfast cereal, albeit one that old people eat in order to help them poop.

At issue is Mitt Romney’s totally honest and straightforward talk misstatements blatant, obvious lies about his position on abortion. During an attempted suck-up sesh with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register earlier this week, he said that he had no plans to push any anti-abortion legislation, a statement completely contrary to almost everything he’s ever said on the topic to date. Soledad noticed, and attempted to take RNC Chair Wince Penis to task on the issue. Amazingness ensued.

Priebus: I see the flap over this Des Moines Register question. But… there’s nothing there there –
O’Brien: You don’t think so? Well, let’s walk through that. Because, I doubt everybody knows it. So, let’s play a little bit of what Mitt Romney said to the Des Moines Register. Because people are talking about it. So, I’m not sure there’s no ‘there there.’ Let’s play that first.
[Plays clip of Mitt Romney saying various things about how he’s going to murder abortion to death using his President super powers]
O’Brien: So, I’m going to remove funding from Planned Parenthood from my budget. That would be legislation. The first clip I played, he said there will be no legislation in regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would be part of my agenda. That sounds completely contradictory to me. How’s it not?
Priebues: Well listen, you spent all this time setting up the question and I appreciate that. But the fact of the matter is that what he’s referring to is whether or not there were piles of legislation in the Congress, what specific bills in the Congress in regards to abortion are you going to be pushing over the next four years –
O’Brien: Reince, that wasn’t the question.

Mr. Penis then attempted to analyze the question asked by the Register editorial staff, and then attempted to force all of Romney’s disparate points to marry each other in an awkward polygamous arrangement that made no one happy. Soledad’s famous “You are so full of crap” face was in full force, as it should be, and by the end of the interview, she just had to laugh triumphantly and tell Priebus “You love me.”


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