Rob & Kristen Argue On Set; Taylor Momsen Loves Knives

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  • Uh-oh: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a huge fight on the set of Twilight: Eclipse.

She accused him of taking a later flight from London because he’d hanging out late at a burlesque bar. According to a source: “She accused him right in front of the director and the crew. He didn’t take it well. They were both so angry, the crew had to take a break for an hour for things to simmer down.” Trouble in paradise! [Page Six]

  • Behold: Lindsay and Ali Lohan modeling Lindsay’s 6126 line of apparel and handbags! As you may know, 6/1/26 is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. How she would feel about shiny black rompers, shiny black leggings, black lace shirts and thigh-high and sequined negligées worn as dresses, we’ll never know. But 16-year-old Ali Lohan using a shirtless male model as a chair is a nice touch. [Fab Sugar]
  • Lindsay Lohan has been trying to swing a free trip to France for the Cannes Film Festival, but no one’s willing to pay for her. Merde. [Page Six]
  • Lindsay Lohan has not officially signed on for that Linda Lovelace movie. [Fox 411]
  • Kitty Kelley‘s book about Oprah claims that Oprah was a teenage prostitute?!?!?! Apparently she “invited men over during the day” while the grown-ups were out and “traded sexual favors for money.” [ONTD]
  • Barbara Walters says despite having a heart problem: “I haven’t felt differently.” [CNN]
  • Naomi Campbell is having “secret” meetings with Madonna’s Kabbalah mentor. So secret, it’s in the paper! [Page Six]
  • Cate Blanchett has revealed that she actually would have preferred to play Robin Hood than Maid Marian. Now that is a movie we want to see. [NYDN]
  • Badass 16-year-old Taylor Momsen carries a switchblade knife. Actually, she says: “I have a knife collection… I have my favorite black knife with me all the time. It’s a switchblade. It relaxes me to flick it.” Edgy! [The Sun]
  • We’ve heard this rumor before, and it persists: Justin Timberlake might make a “surprise ” appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. [Gatecrasher]
  • Matt Lauer and his wife have been living apart for two months and she is no longer wearing her wedding ring. [Radar Online]
  • At the link, a look at the interiors of Sandra Bullock‘s Gothic-Victorian mansion in New Orleans — as it looked when it was for sale. We suspect she’s not keeping the lurid floral wallpaper in the bedroom. The joint’s got five bedrooms, 4.5 baths, a parlor, a ballroom, a third floor that was unfinished when purchased, and a pool. [E!]
  • Alec Baldwin gave an emotional commencement speech to graduates of New York University Wednesday, saying: “Share the best of who you are with the next generation.” [NYDN]
  • Jay-Z and Eminem will do a couple of shows together… should be epic. [The Life Files]
  • Tila Tequila has the perfect villain costume for a superhero porn film. [Radar Online]
  • This item is all about how Britney Spears looks good from the front and bad from the back. [The Sun]
  • Ronnie from Jersey Shore is “out of control” and proud of his fighting. A source says: Because Ronnie was known as ‘the fighter’ last season, people are provoking him more than ever now. Guys will actively start trouble with him, pushing into him and calling him names and he just blows a fuse and the next thing you know he’s punching out and kicking.” Last week he kicked a guy in the head during a fight at a club in Miami. [Radar Online]
  • Katherine Heigl will star in a film called The Age Of Adaline, in which she plays a woman “rendered ageless after an accident.”Shades of Dorian Gray! Apparently, “after years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality.” Dun dun dun… [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Here’s a funny story about Lily Allen, a tarantula, and saving the Brazilian rainforest. [The Sun]
  • Lisa Marie Presley is disappointed that Michael Jackson‘s tomb has “empty space” around it. She wants fans to fill the area with silk flowers; suggesting that if every fan sends one flower, the space “could be filled up in no time.” [TMZ]
  • Lady Soverign has announced that she is a lesbian. [TMZ]
  • Common‘s real name: Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. The rapper is new to acting, and says: “[I had ]hit a ceiling as a musician. I tried to play the piano and that didn’t work, and I tried to sing and I wasn’t hitting all my notes, so I began taking acting classes and they just opened me up. It was like the birth of a new creative life for me,” His girlfriend, tennis star Serena Williams, saw his new flick, Just Wright: “She really liked the movie, and she was surprised. She was like, ‘Man, I didn’t know you were actually going to be this good.'” [LA Times]
  • Phylicia Rashad, aka Claire Huxtable, is in Just Wright and says: “This is a romance film. And everybody’s gonna enjoy it. It is so good, it is so human, and so universal in its feelings. It really is… This was a great film to be a part of. The energy that was on the set transfers onto the screen. The chemistry of all the people who worked on this transfers to the screen. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and you can take anybody in your family to see it.” [Afrobella]
  • Will Jon Gosselin‘s ex, Hailey Glassman, be in that new reality show about Jewish American Princesses? [Radar Online]
  • Burning question of the day: Now that she has her high school diploma, will home-schooled “Wizards of Waverly Place” star Selena Gomez go to college? [NY Post]
  • Gross: You can read the text messages David Boreanaz and Rachel Uchitel sent to each other at the link. They’re not sexy, either. Example: RU: “I can’t do this anymore…Just go. Just [bleeping] go and be with her.” DB: “Why do u act like such a [bleeping] child!!! She is my wife.” RU: “You’ve wasted my time and I’m once again alone. I can’t [bleeping] be alone anymore. I’ve been alone my entire life.” I’m not a doctor, but it sounds like someone could benefit from some therapy and a daily dose of Wellbutrin. [Radar Online]
  • Ryan Phillippe brought his new ladyfriend to a Victoria’s Secret party and made out with her. [People, Page Six]
  • Jay Leno is not the most powerful TV host in LA — Ryan Seacrest tops a list of power rankings by [Page Six]
  • Jon Cryer may want Charlie Sheen to re-sign on Two And A Half Men so Jon can pay for his new house. [TMZ]
  • Rapper Gucci Mane: Out of prison. Perhaps now he’ll enjoy some lemonade in shade with his feet up. [Gatecrasher]
  • Roman Polanski’s legal team [in Los Angeles], in a statement issued on Wednesday, said he would continue his court fight on returning to the United States if authorities in Switzerland ultimately decide, based on a full account of the case, to extradite him for sentencing on a 33-year-old sex charge. But they again insisted that Swiss officials were given a misleading description of Mr. Polanski’s intended sentence.” [NY Times]
  • “Some of the leading directors at this year’s Cannes film festival have signed a petition urging Swiss authorities to reject a U.S. request to extradite Roman Polanski over a decades-old sex charge.” [Reuters]
  • Ugh, Dennis Hopper‘s wife has filed legal documents, claiming that he is not as sick as he claims to be and can sit for a deposition in his divorce case. Hopper is terminally ill with cancer. [TMZ]
  • Q: Was it true love that brought you together after so long apart? Vanessa Redgrave: “Concepts are empty until each person finds what’s true about them. True love is what has endured and come through lots of things – tragedies or upsets or violent temperamental disagreements. Some people find true love much earlier and keep it. In my own case, true love comes with constantly learning about the people you love and keeping your eyes open and caring about them and listening to them. And rediscovering them. Whether it’s friends or family or children. Or a husband.” Redgrave met Letters To Juliet costar Franco Nero years and years ago, when they were both in the 1967 film Camelot. She recently reunited with him — and married him. [Time]
  • “I don’t know that my daughter is going to need every single thing that was her mothers. Maybe it’s right to share some of Anna’s legacy with her fans.” — Larry Birkhead, who is selling some of Anna Nicole Smith’s memorabilia at an upcoming auction in Las Vegas. He says Anna’s daughter, Dannielynn, sees other kids with their moms: “She wants to know; she asks quite a bit… Dannielynn says her mom is a pretty lady who is very tall and is in heaven right now and that one day she’ll get to play with her.” [Reuters]
  • “You’ll see Anna’s love for the finer things, but you’ll also see the down home girl that would paint pictures and carry little, fun purses.” — Larry Birkhead on the Anna Nicole Smith auction, which includes her Mercedes and her dog bed. [Us Magazine]
  • “That book is so fucked up; that story’s the worst. I mean, at the end the tree is a stump and the old guy just sitting on him — he’s just used him to death, and you’re supposed to want to be the tree? Fuck you. You be the tree. I don’t want to be the tree.” — Ryan Gosling, on Shel Silverstein’s children’s book The Giving Tree. Ryan’s character in the film Blue Valentine has a tattoo of the Giving Tree on his arm. [NY Mag]
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