Rosie Perez and Gloria Estefan Had a Love Fest On The View

Rosie Perez has been helping The View celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, and for her last day, she asked la reina of my heart, special guest Gloria Estefan, to come on the show and talk about the upcoming Broadway musical about her life, On Your Feet! (which, by the way, is an excellent song).

Perez, herself a life-idol, regards Estefan with the reverence that almost any self-respecting Latina would have for Estefan, which is to say, you treat her with the regard of your mom or your priest. She is, like, our Madonna. (Ciccone, not La Virgen). (She is the same age as Madonna.)

“We met, and I got so emotional meeting you. You are a living icon, and I love everything that you have contributed to the world,” Perez gushed. After briefly explaining Estefan’s history of excellence—she emigrated to America from Cuba over 50 years ago, knowing no English, and now has sold over 100 million albums worldwide—Perez leveled it: “You are the American dream.” ¡WEPA!

Later, La Gloria talks about how she has had like every POTUS over to her and Emilio’s house, NBD. Then Rosie O’Donnell pronounces “flan” like “FLEAAN” and La Gloria corrects her. Oh, because La Gloria brought homemade flan to The View. She is magical.

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