Sassy Shoulders And Crazy Pants At The Most Spectacular Event Ever!


Okay, technically speaking, this was not the most spectacular event ever. But I still implore you to explore the Madison ‘Sex, Frocks & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ event at Sydney University with me. There are pants you need to see.

This event, since you’re dying to know, is a celebration of “fashion, music and style.” Why stop there? What about Scandinavian cuisine? Entymology? Woodworking? Anyway, this is singer Danielle Spencer, who is also married to Russell Crowe, and is also sporting a rather Lindsey Buckingham-ish getup. And in the summer, who doesn’t just want to listen to Tusk?

Perhaps you’re thinking, “But, Mr. Sadie, if you cry wolf like this in your headlines, how are you going to get people to read when it’s actually an event at which stars of stage and screen do live readings of Barbara Pym, holding awesome dolls dressed in custom Lanvin (both the dolls and the stars, I mean) while eating multi-tiered cakes and pies?” Good question. Let’s ask Balinese princess Lindy Klim‘s most mystical booties.

But none of this has anything to say to the matter of actress Krew Boylan‘s futuristic romanticism, which is what Juliet will wear, in the future, at community theatres across the world.

It’ll be a sad day when the power-shoulder is so ubiquitous that we can no longer reference Angela Bauer and instead just allude to the jacket TV and radio presenter Lizzie Lovett wore to ‘Sex, Frocks & Rock ‘n’ Roll’ back in June of 2010.

TV presenter Laura Csortan hopes to distract us from her missing feet, clearly concealed via powerful magic, with means of sparkle motion. A valiant effort, but we weren’t quite born yesterday, Ms. Csortan.

Pip Edwards and Australian Rugby player Adam Ashley Cooper. They are in love!!!!! That, or he’s starting to suspect that her getup is blinding and disastrous and is almost fearless in its awfulness. I prefer to believe he’s blinded by love!!!!

Ginger & Smart designers Alexandra and Genevieve Smart suggest that easy take on the Suave commercials, “don’t you look smart.” Thing is, I’m not at all convinced they do. Not that I don’t love Adam Ant references. Or, for that matter, Jane Seymour in Out of the Past references. In fact, kinda want Genevieve’s getup, to wear to nothing.

Actress Sophie Lowe actually has the look here of a teenager whose mom has forced her to wear something and whose mom is, apparently, Gianfranco Ferre.

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