Scotland's New Rape Prevention PSAs are Pretty Awesome


Here’s a PSA that doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes, shoot myself, or do whatever the opposite is of what they want me to do. Launched last month in Scotland, We Can Stop It is a police campaign designed to educate and change attitudes towards rape and sexual assault. And if these ads are any indication of what the campaign intends to focus on, I love it. Putting responsibility on men — you know, the ones who do most of the raping — is so key in all aspects of prevention. It’s kinda like how white people should be the ones working hardest to end racism, ya know? If you’re causing it, it’s on you to tell everyone you know, “Hey, that’s not even close to okay, how can I help?” I’m getting all worked up but basically, I think I love this campaign and am pretty sure I want to marry it. Or, at least enjoy a heavy petting session with that bro in the poster HELLO LOVER.

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