Seeing Double: Ethereal Photos of Identical Twins Are Freaky/Magical


Photographer, artist, and twin, Julie de Waroquier, created a series of surreal photographs of identcial twins — a project that won first prize in the Emergent Artists Award 2012 and of which she wrote, “[t]wins have always fascinated me, and not only because I have a twin brother. They are almost magic, and yet they are real. Indeed, the fact that two people look exactly the same whereas they are not the same person is astonishing. It is like a real dream, or like a miracle.”

Translation: Man, nature is freaky!

Two questions.

Art critics: What’s the correct terminology for this freaky, magical pastiche of The Shining and Wrigley Double Mint girls?

Art critics and everyone else: Who here wanted to be a twin so badly growing up that you envied the beyond dysfunctional relationship between Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield? Nobody. That’s cool.

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