Seems Rihanna Named an Eyeliner After the Great Twitter Burn of 2011

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The Navy misses nothing.

Chris Hardwick, who is presumed to be the abusive ex described by actor Chloe Dykstra in her well-circulated Medium essay, finds another defender in ex-fiancée Jacinda Barrett. Barrett has tagged Hardwick in an Instagram post captioned:

This past week I have watched someone I once loved and shared four years of my life with be publicly accused of misconduct and abuse, then swiftly fired and shunned. The accuser’s story bears no resemblance to the one I shared with him all those years ago, but what is of supreme importance here is that every woman and every man deserves a voice. Accuser and Accused. Everyone deserves to be heard. A rush to judgement denies the right to due process; the Metoo movement deserves due process. #metoomovement #dueprocess#chrishardwick @hardwick

Since Dykstra’s essay was published, Nerdist Industries, which Hardwick co-founded, cut ties with him, and he lost his longtime AMC talkshow. Hardwick’s wife has also publicly stated that he has been “nothing but loving and compassionate” to her.

Manna from the gods, direct to TMZ:

Here’s some raw Instagram video of Dame Dash (Roc-A-Fella co-founder) coming at director/producer Lee Daniels (Precious, The Butler, Empire) at a Diana Ross concert over millions of dollars which Dash claims that Daniels owes in loans. Dash captions:

I straight up loaned this dude Lee Daniels @theoriginalbigdaddy 2 million to pay for his dream of being a director…it was the money I was using to fund my movies and stay Indy…he promised I get my money back in months…then he makes precious and goes missing so he doesn’t have to pay me…then then Butler…empire…same shit Why does this dude feel like he doesn’t have to pay me?…why do I have to look crazy to get my money back…or go to court…ask @theoriginalbigdaddy why he doesn’t feel like he has to pay me even though he has it…what type of shit is this.. #paywhatyouowe I’m going to put this whole thing on my ig tv in a few… true definition of a culture vulture…eats off the culture but Robs the culture at the same time… see you back in court Lee your gonna pay me what you owe…pleases everyone ask him way [sic] he doesn’t think he has to pay me…

TMZ reports that Dash has filed a $5 million suit against Daniels after he allegedly reneged on a promise to make him executive producer on a Richard Pryor biopic with a five percent cut of the profits.

Still, the video is deeply unsatisfying. It hints at the possibility of a physical altercation involving a man in a shawl at a Diana Ross concert…which will never be.

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