Shut the Fuck Up, Dad


It’s recently come to my attention that disgruntled podcast host and guy who looks like he’s itching to get into a fight with someone in the express line at Citarella, Alec Baldwin, left a comment on his daughter Ireland Baldwin-Basinger’s recent Instagram photo. And now I just want to scream, “DaaaaAAAAAAAaaaaaad!!!!”

Over the weekend, Basinger-Baldwin, a 22-year-old model, posted a photo of herself in a bathing suit, straddling a motorcycle. She was not operating the vehicle while posing for a selfie, nor was she breaking any of Instagram’s content-related rules in either the photo or caption—which means, there’s nothing to be angry about!

Unfortunately, her father Alec disagreed with my analysis. “No. Just…No,” he wrote in a comment, which has 11,0704 likes as of Tuesday morning.

Now, I don’t have a child, but A) if I did, B) if they were an adult, and C) if I saw a thirst trap photo of theirs pop up in my feed, I would just keep scrolling. In fact, I might even unfollow their account, or at the very least mute it. Your daughter’s thirst traps are not for you, Alec. So if you see them and think “No. Just…No,” which is your right, shut the fuck up! Soothe your soul by watching your wife’s Instagram stories. Or send an Instagram DM to your brothers Billy and Steven!

And, for the love of god, steer clear of your niece Hailey’s Instagram. No one needs to know what you think of her and Justin.

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