Sleepy Hollow's 'Headless Day' Promotion Has the Worst Possible Timing

The PR firm responsible for promoting the release of the Sleepy Hollow’s first season on DVD faced just about the worst possible timing for their push yesterday, as an email celebrating “Headless Day” went out to fans and media at just about the exact moment that news broke that ISIS had beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the promotional email contained someecards-style graphics featuring characters from the Fox show in various macabre situations, accompanied by wry one-liners alluding to death and headlessness.

Meanwhile, video of journalist Steven Sotloff’s beheading was released by ISIS. President Obama has since confirmed that it was authentic. Human beings are garbage.

Both the network that airs Sleepy Hollow and the PR firm that experienced firsthand the perils of prescheduling the sending of mass emails that joke about death without first perusing news headlines have apologized profusely.

If God has a sense of humor, he’s been taking some pretty dark cues from George Carlin.

Image via THR

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