Socialites And Artists Try To Out-Weird One Another


Last night, the artsy fartsy crowd was a gas at Burberry’s Serpentine Summer Party in London.

Long sleeves and peep holes seemed to be a trend, although Poppy Delevigne (right) was giving a lot more than a peep.

These three are straight-up club messes. Leah Weller is drunk peeing outside by the curb, Zaha Hadid just got caught making out with someone, and later, a song will come on that Tali Lennox likes, and she’ll put her bag down in a spilled cocktail before hitting the dance floor..

Futuristic Caroline Stanbury, Carmela Soprano-ish Caprice, and murky Easter egg dye Holly Vallance all got it wrong.

Speaking of “wrong”: When will these hippie headband things go away?

Cross-dresser/pottery artist Grayson Perry is clearly Best Dressed. He has scary dolls in his bonnet!

It’s nice to see that Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes is still working iridescent lip gloss. And of the wellies look, Nicky Haslam (right) has a slight advantage over Patrick Cox.

Caroline Sieber’s dress moved beautifully.

Here are all the cool kids. I’m really into Alexa Chung’s schoolmarm look, and how she’s working her purse as though it’s a clipboard. The rest of Amber Anderson’s ensemble is modest enough that her exposed rack actually looks kind of sweet and model Erin O’Connor is able to somehow pull off her dress version of Hammer pants.

I’m just partial to the ugly, orthopedic, chunky shoes that Misty Miller (left) is wearing. They certainly look more comfortable than the peep toes on Laura Haddock and Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

Tracey Emin, Ewan McGregor, his wife Eve Mavrakis, and Bianca Jagger: At least they seem comfortable.

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