Some Pictures of My Extremely Lickable Boyfriend Harry Styles at the Farm


The last time Gucci came for the hearts of Directioners was in June, when the luxury brand revealed Harry Styles was one of its stars for an upcoming Gucci Tailoring campaign. In those images, Styles walked a mutt outside a chip shop, held a live chicken inside said shop (which seems a bit on the nose), offered some chips to some other dogs and hung out with some additional hens. For reasons which I could potentially consult a therapist about, they were some of the sexiest shots I’d ever seen—straight outta the “Midnight Memories” video but rated-R for horniness. And it was just Harry, none of this Liam nonsense, so, inarguably perfect.

This time around, Gucci took Styles to “the gardens of Villa Lante outside of Rome” for a new Gucci Tailoring campaign (you know my boy loves a printed suit) and told him to hold baby farm animals. I would accuse this of being too lowest-common-denominator-internet-y bullshit if it weren’t so wonderfully wholesome. In one image (seen above) a baby goat even licks his goddamn chin, sharing in my desire to outline a jawline chiseled by Zeus above.



R.I.P. Noah Centineo.

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