Somehow Blake Lively Is Vogue's Best-Dressed

  • Blake Lively has gotten the cover of Vogue‘s best-dressed issue. Really?
  • She’s in good company: Michelle Obama, SJP, Angelina…and Gaga. And a shoot by Demarchelier? Even a Van der Woodsen couldn’t ask for more. [Fashion Foie Gras]
  • Speaking of Gossip Girl, one of the characters is apparently going to be interning at W, where the show’s been shooting. Our money’s on Little J — although Blair has editrix potential. [WWD]
  • Billy Reid has won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund: he got $300,000 and a shout-out from Karl Lagerfeld. [VogueUK]
  • Victoria Beckham says she has no plans to design men’s wear at present — because “don’t men look better with their clothes off?” [T]
  • Good fiscal news: Burberry is up in the first quarter. Take that, Pattinson! [WWD]
  • OHEMGEE LADIEZ, now we can play “Baby Bump…or Burrito?” with Rachel Zoe‘s abdomen. [E!]
  • Katy Perry is riding around Manhattan in an ice-cream truck today to promote her perfume. [WWD]
  • Zac Posen says he will not be designing Bella Swan’s wedding dress for the 17th Twilight sequel, because he designs clothes for “real women,” as opposed to fictional ones. [@Zac_Posen]
  • Beyoncé looks like she’s trying to climb her own ponytail like a rope in these new C&A ads. [Quem]
  • Vogue ran a very Cecil Beaton-ish double-page spread of eight Asian models, each in identical hair and makeup, under the headline “Asia Major.” The models included the Chinese models Du Juan, Liu Wen, Bonnie Chen, and Lily Zhi, the Koreans Hyoni Kang, So Young Kang, and Lee Hyun and Tao Okamoto from Japan. Clearly this proves that Vogue has a fashionably modern attitude about all things ethnic, and having dispatched its duty to document its own inclusivity, Vogue will now return to your regularly scheduled programming of white girls in editorials. [The Cut]
  • Tom Ford, on why he doesn’t drink anymore: “I used to think I was funny only when I was drunk. But inhibitions are there for a reason. Sometimes you’re not supposed to tell somebody that her tits are sagging. You’re not supposed to reach across and fondle someone’s breast in front of her husband and tell her that her implants are far too high and that if she massages them this way, they’ll go into the right space. A very famous person with a very famous husband, who did not speak to me for a long time.” [Vogue]
  • Ford guest-edited Vogue Paris’ Holiday Issue, and true to form, he put himself on the cover. [WWD]
  • Ford also confirmed what Colin Firth said — that he is at work on a new movie. But expect no more “homo angst”: this one will be a comedy. Also hoping to make the leap into film is Vera Wang. “I’m getting ready maybe to make an independent film myself,” said the designer. “I’m thinking of maybe picking up a camera. I think, in our fashion shows, we always try to tell a story, even though it’s nine or 10 minutes, and to take it to another level with three-dimension or four-dimension is kinda groovy. I love stories. I love stories about love, about anger, about emotion, about complexity. It might involve fashion, it’s still visual.” [Express]
  • Lanvin is making 25 high-end versions of its H&M collection to auction off for UNICEF. [Fashionista]
  • Not that she asked, but here’s what a bunch of designers think Kate Middleton should wear for her wedding. [VogueUK]
  • Pro: you can now afford a Balenciaga bag. Con: it’s like an inch big. Which is also sort of a pro. [The Life Files]
  • American model Karlie Kloss, while talking about her beauty régime, mentioned she’s doing Invisalign: “I only wear them at night because I can’t talk when they’re in and it’s embarrassing. But I think they’re way better than braces. That’s pretty much the only beauty ‘service’ I get; going to my orthodontist in St. Louis.” [Into The Gloss]
  • Dita von Teese: “Right now there’s a hot new model that’s everywhere and she’s 15 years old. I think a lot of emphasis has been put on how thin they are, but the thing that a lot of people forget to mention is a lot of them are teenagers still and they are thinner because they’re teenagers. I’m not saying there’s not a lot of eating disorders or whatever…but I do think a lot of these girls are just overworked, if anything, and they’re running from show to show and they don’t get a chance to eat. That combined with how young they are too is contributing to their thinness. When it comes down to it, I believe that the designers who are hiring the models, they deserve to pick whatever kind of models that want. At the last Jean Paul Gaultier show, he opened up the show with Beth Ditto in a dress that he made for her and I think he’s really great because he shows different kinds of women. He’ll put me on the runway and I have a different body shape and I’m about two feet shorter than those girls….I also love when…I watch these girls who are built like racehorses that are over six feet tall coming out in shoes that make them even taller. It’s an incredible effect…So I think we shouldn’t judge any woman whether she’s skinny or young or big or voluptuous and you shouldn’t judge skinny girls either because there’s a lot of skinny girls who can’t help it, too. You can’t get mad at the size zeros.” [HuffPo]
  • Says Tavi of her new fashion magazine, “Of course, it won’t be Sassy (or the rebirth of Sassy, or Sassy 2.0) and nor do we want it to be,…For one, you can’t try to recreate something that good. For another, while I can read old issues of Sassy and relate, the world has changed a bit in the past 15 or so years, and that whole internet thing happened, and this world calls for something different.” [VogueUK]
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