Swedish Feminists Burn Over $10,000 In Protest


• On Tuesday, a group of Swedish feminists burned 100,000 Swedish kronor ($13,000) at a barbecue to protest the pay gap.

The Feminist Initiative party chose that amount of money because they say it represents the funds women miss out on every minute in comparison to men. “It may seem desperate to burn 100,000 kronor, but the situation is desperate as well,” explained the party leader. • A California woman was killed over the weekend while watching fireworks in Valencia. According to a sheriff’s lieutenant, Matilde Garnica Juarez, 43, was fatally struck by a vehicle at about 9:50 Sunday night. it is unclear whether alcohol played a part in the collision. • The Preventative Services Task Force has changed their stance on osteoporosis tests. A 2002 report suggested that all women over 65 should get a bone density test, but the government group now says that all postmenopausal women should be screened. • The French Parliament is still considering banning face veils in public. Next week, the parliament will vote on proposed legislation, which would level fines of $180 dollars for women who break the law and wear full veils. The bill would impose harsher penalties on any man who forces a wife, sister, or daughter to wear facial covering. If the preliminary vote passes, the law will be put to a full senate vote in September. • Finishing schools are booming in India, reports the Washington Post. Many women – and men – are signing up for classes in etiquette and social skills, which they hope will help improve their performance at work. The seminars teach everything from how to dress properly at work, how to host a meeting, and even how to use cutlery. • In today’s shitty economy, even the Queen is tightening her belt: the British royal household has announced that they will be cutting costs and putting off essential maintenance in response to Britain’s budget crisis. • After two hours of acting as a midwife for one of his cows, an Egyptian farmer helped deliver a two-headed calf. He calls it a “divine miracle,” and says it is a reminder that “God is able to do anything.” And, of course, there are pictures. • Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has decided to crack down on men’s hairstyles by creating a catalog of acceptable ‘dos. The regulations will be imposed for the Modesty and Veil Festival. In order to attend the Least Fun Party Ever, men will be asked to cut their hair short and go light on the gel. • Gross: pest control experts warn that movie theater seats pose a far greater risk for bedbug infestation than clothing stores. “It is a crisis. Virtually any place in New York City is at risk,” said entomologist Richard Cooper, who is a member of the city’s Bed Bug Advisory Board. • Paro, a small robotic baby harp seal, is one of the first devices that is programed to show empathy. The small, furry fake-animal is being used in nursing homes to act as a companion to patients. Other smart-computers are being used to help addicts quit and dieters stay on track. •

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