Tarantulas Have Their Own Equivalent of a Dog Show


The British Tarantula Society held its annual expo in Coventry, England this week. It’s the biggest tarantula event in the world, boasting the presence of 30,000 fuzzy, 8-legged friends under one roof.

While much of the expo is made up of vendors selling tarantulas (and other beautiful creepies like scorpions) and exhibitors showing off their arachnid knowledge, the event does include a contest — sort of like Westminster, but for spiders.


Entrants to this year’s spider competition were divided into eight categories and spent the day in clear containers being ogled by the 1,200 or so visitors and inspected by a panel of judges. The Best in Show, a beautiful Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula, walked away with a trophy (or, at least its proud owner did) and a glamor shot on the society’s membership cards.
“It was unanimous amongst the four judges that this one was the Best In Show,” judge and chairman of the British Tarantula Society, Peter Kirk said in an email to WIRED.

And now we finally have the plot for Best in Show 2.

Image via Shutterstock.

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