Taylor Swift Inserts Herself Into Nicki Minaj's VMA Moment


After the 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced on Tuesday, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to let the world know that she was nawt pleased that “Feeling Myself” and “Anaconda” had been snubbed.

At the end of a fairly lengthy rant about what kinds of music got honored at the VMAs, Minaj snuck in a jab pretty obviously directed at Taylor Swift, whose “Bad Blood,” which garnered a nomination for Video of the Year, is basically a catalog of white models holding guns. The video also broke the streaming record that had previously been held by “Anaconda.”

Because it seems that Tay Tay is like a very sweet, dumb golden retriever puppy when it comes to racial body politics, she responded:

Nicki is chill, but she was making a point about double standards that Taylor happily ignored.

Taylor then tried to mend things in the most irritating way possible:

And Nicki retweeted:

And said:

Bye, Tay. There’s nothing more for you here. Also, we should all care less about the VMAs. Just saying.

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