Taylor Swift And Adolf Hitler Quote Mashup Enrages Internet


Just when you think the Taylor Swift meme has taken on all forms possible and seen its last days (in lieu of such fresh material as Miley Cyrus Twerks On Famous Paintings), you’re wrong. Pinterest user Emily Pattinson has been ‘shopping quotes from Hitler, Stalin and Bin Laden onto Swift pictures with deceptively Curly-Ass Script Font, as reported by Buzzfeed. And nobody seemed to notice. Nobody. Until the spot was blown up by elsewhere on the Netz.

Reddit picked up the conceit and ran with it:

Of course, Pattinson has since been accused of anti-Semitism and cited as a jump-off point for anti-Semitic rants. In a freaked-out statement since her Pinterest went viral, Pattinson clarified: “People who feel ‘inspired’ by my posts and create anti-Semitic jokes are missing the point entirely. I do not condone hateful material.” This is why we can’t have nice things.

[via Buzzfeed, images via Pinterest and Reddit]

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