Taylor Swift's Twitter Is Quite Literally Full Of Love


“The phrase “thank you” or “thanks” appears over 50 times on the account she’s kept since December 2008. She’s tweeted just over 800 times total, and the word “love,” in its various forms, shows up over 100 times.” For starters.

As Rolling Stone points out, Taylor Swift is one of those beings who follows very few on Twitter — 48 — in comparison to her number of followers (4,563,272.) She’s super-nice — even to Perez Hilton — and gives carefully selected glimpses into her personal life. (“At dinner with my family, engaged in a heated argument— debating our theories on who ‘You’re So Vain’ is about.) Says the article,

Indeed, both Swift’s music and her Twitter foster a diary-like intimacy. But with the cracks in her armor carefully crafted, Swift is only as vulnerable as she is precise; she is in total control.

There are worse things than young women seeing “control” is as marketable as its converse, we suppose. And you don’t sell a million albums without having it together.

That said, it’s probably just as well she doesn’t follow us. “Imma let you finish but it’s about Warren Beatty” probably isn’t what she needs to see, 1000x over.

Taylor Swift Celebrates Monster Week On Twitter
[Rolling Stone]

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