Teenager Smuggles Kid in Suitcase, Gets Caught By Customs


You know when you go on vacation and your friend’s like, “I wanna go with you! Smuggle me in your suitcase!” This was not the same situation when a young boy was found hiding inside of a small, hot pink suitcase at the border of Morocco and the North African Spanish territory of Ceuta. Customs discovered the 8-year-old boy when the suitcase he was in went through x-ray scanners.

According to ABC News, the 19-year-old woman who had carried the luggage was allegedly paid by the boy’s father to bring him into Spain. When authorities unzipped the suitcase, they found the boy shaken up, but unharmed. The woman, who was not related to the family, was taken into custody. The boy’s father was also caught trying to illegally cross the border shortly after his son was discovered. If it happened in the U.S., this would have been a good post for the TSA’s popular Instagram account.

Image via ABC News.

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