Tell Us About the Most Haunted Place You’ve Ever Been

Tell Us About the Most Haunted Place You’ve Ever Been
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Jezebel’s annual Scary Stories contest is finally upon us and it truly is the most magical time of the year. Reading through the thousands of responses has really jumpstarted my insomnia in new and exciting ways. That, and with Halloween right around the corner, I am learning to embrace spooky season. I hope you are, too. At the very least, if you want to participate in this week’s Pissing Contest, then you must: I want to know about the most haunted place you’ve ever been. Where was it? What were you doing there? How did you know it was haunted? Did you have a supernatural experience? I must know.

But you know how I do things here. Let’s take a look at last week’s winners, first. These are your best, nauseatingly sweet meet-cute stories:

This is both cute and a meeting, so you win, many bells down, now with .1% more pig:

Mid-December, 2002. I was having a shitty month. I was broke and stressed and miserable and trying to give my kid a Christmas and I was supposed to be leading my UU Church’s Winter Solstice service but I’d flaked out because my life was a disaster. Walked in to the sanctuary and OH DAMN WHO IS THAT GUY? The hottest dude I’d ever seen was sitting in a pew all by himself.
I was also Youth Group facilitator so I had to take the teens during the service, and when I came back for coffee hour he was gone. But our holiday party was that night and someone had convinced him to attend (bless u forever Mike).
Now, I’m still with some of the teens at this point, and I looked much younger than my 29 years old. Apparently while I’m shooting lustful glances at the hot guy, he’s shooting lustful glances at me but also lamenting that I was probably way too young.
Then my 4 year old daughter walks out of the preschool room, pauses, looks around and sees this complete stranger standing all by himself. She toddles over and hands him a piece of paper and says “hello I drew this for you.” Hot guy goes down on one knee to talk to her about the picture and I’m now awash in lust. As my kid comes over to me he suddenly realizes that I’m probably not 17 and comes over to chat.
We’ve been married 14 years this December.

BurntFootGumbo, go get her!

We didn’t end up together but I still love her…
In the 7th grade I was a typical invisible kid. I played in the school band (percussion). There was this clarinet player I was absolutely in love with. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Glasses, braces, acne – I fucking didn’t care. We got teamed up on a thing and so I got to talk to her. Wer got to be friendly and we chatted a little in class but she ran with the cool kids and I didn’t run anywhere.
As 8th grade drew to a close and we were going to different high schools I decided to sack up and ask her to the graduation dance. She said yes AS FRIENDS. I took it. Fuck it.
Her folks drove her to my parents house and we got our pics taken together before being driven to the dance. We danced a bit and then that was it. We kept in touch some through our freshmen year but it faded.
My buddy went to the same high school she did and they graduated a week after I did. At his ceremony I heard her name and was jolted. I had to see her. After the conclusion I ran onto the field to find her but csamr up empty. Next I drove to where her folks lived wondering if they still live there. They did and I beat them back by a few minutes.
They exited the car and I introduced myself when she opened the car door and got out OH MY GOD SHES FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Just fucking stunning.
So we sat outside for hours and talked and kept in touch for about another year and it faded. She dated assholes and I failed to be empathic about it. Whatever.
Fast forward 18 years and I’m now divorced and living in an apartment trying to figure where I belon in the world now and start a new life. My mom, always on the look asked me to call her nail tech as she was having computer problems. I knew it was a veiled attempt to set me up with her. But I guess she had actual computer problems. So anyway, she gives me her card…
Fuck me with a chainsaw. Its her.
So we started talking again, both divorced and living 2 miles from each other. We were hanging out on the regular and one night I made her dinner and spent the night. Needless to say that was decades in the making. Two dozen roses were delivered to her work the next day. THAT was a phone call I wish I had audio of.
I met he folks again and her dad said I looked familiar, her mom informed him its because there had been a photo of us from that dance in their hallway for decades. HA
Anyway, this went on for a year and I was so excited that it was happening. WE were happening. But I was informed that despite the plans we were making we were not a thing. After a few months of trying to tough that out I had to walk away.
I have only heard from her sporadically since. That was just about 10 years ago.
She’s all wrong for me but she still makes my heart flutter. I love her still to this day almost 30 years after seeing her enter band class. I hope wherever she is that she’s happy.

Madame-Ovary, I love a MySpace tale:

Gather round young whipper snappers and let me regale you with a tale of MySpace love.
Back in around 2002 I was leaving NYC to move to Los Angeles but before I left I went to a party, met this guy, thought he was smoking hot and way out of my league…we had a bunch of mutual friends…but I was leaving town so I didn’t put any effort into it and he didn’t seem to care. The extent of the interaction was barely more than hi, nice to meet you and that was it.
Flash forward about 3 or 4 years to 2006. MySpace is not just a thing but THE thing and I get a request from a profile that I don’t recognize. No photos of a human being, interesting arty looking photos, not many posts. 99% of the time I reject those requests. For some reason, this time I don’t.
I accept the request and get a message from this account and it’s Mr. Smoking Hot from 2002. We have a bunch of mutual friends, he remembered meeting me and he added me. We get to talking online, turns out shortly after I left NY he left and moved to Seattle. He hated Seattle as much as I hated LA so we stayed in touch mostly bonding over how much we missed NYC.
Then I lose my job. I am sitting in my bosses office discussing my severance and everything else and by the time I am back to my office to grab my bag I decide to move home. Later that day I post on his MySpace page “Guess who’s moving back to NY? My crystal ball tells me you’re next”. 2 days later I get these frantic messages from him saying here’s his number…call him. HE got fired that day and now he’s moving home back to NY.
I had already spoken to my old landlord and he was just finishing a new building with a bunch of two bedrooms and he told me I could have my pick of the apartments. I told Mr. Smoking Hot if he wanted to roommate for a hot second while we both got our shit together he could.
It’s absolutely crazy that if I had rejected his friend request how different my life may have been. We’ve now been together 13 years. Fin. xo

TheOtherNico, this is a damn meet-cute:

I had just boarded a train and was looking for a seat. The train started to move unexpectedly and I fell face first into a guys lap. I said “I might as well introduce myself”, and we got to talking about books. We dated for awhile and told the “how we met” story to evvvveeryone.

Spooky your fellow commenters below. And check out our annual Scary Story contest, if you have not yet.

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