The Best Looks From the (Kind of Lame) Grammys Afterparty Circuit 


If Getty Images is to be believed, this year’s Grammys afterparties had all the pizzazz of a slowly deflating balloon, with low-ish turnout and a level of glamour appropriate to parties co-hosted by, for example, American Airlines. That being said, you know, some people came out and looked good and we might as well do them the courtesy of surveying their sartorial offerings, right?

Let’s take a quick gander:

Jessica Williams easily wins this unofficial afterparty competition with an asymmetrical turtleneck two-piece that looks green in this light but I believe was in fact closer to a neon yellow. Shiny form-fitting magenta boots complete the look, which says: “I am on the rise, my friends, and already a hair too cool to be at this party.” Singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez wore authentically casual ripped denim and a puffer coat, looking studiously chill and weather-appropriate while thrusting it up a notch with the glossy platform boots. (I really want to know where she got that coat???) Jon Batiste looks really so cute and tailored in this gold and black getup, and I just want to celebrate that.

I have quite frankly no idea who Dilone is, aside from the fact that she is a model with one name, but i like the colorful armor thing she is wearing. I also did not know who Colombian-American artist Kali Uchis is, which probably makes me not cool—I always meet so many new people at awards shows—but I very much appreciate her ‘90s-era dedication to this bank party. TK Wonder looks flowery and spring-ready, aren’t we fucking all, while GoldLink experiments with some fashion bondage.

Let’s break for a quick close-up on Kali:

I! Love! It!

And here is our Erykah Badu moment of the evening:

Lastly, we have Dua Lipa looking fab in a white suit dress and huge hoops; model Imaan Hammam looking extremely Men in Black futuristic chic; and Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei in a weird leather apron-over-sweatshirt-dress situation that is… fun, I guess is the word? When else are you going to wear that?

And that is a wrap on Grammy’s fashion for the year 2018. They did… okay! Gentle snaps all around.

UPDATE: For those of you interested in solving the coat mystery, well, DING DING DING: a rep for The North Face reached out to Jezebel to let us know that Jessie Reyez was wearing a North Face x Junya Watanabe CDG collaboration coat from fall 2017. Cool!

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