The Democratic Party Is Tweeting About Mean Girls


Typically the GOP is known for the political zingers, but on Saturday the Democratic Party tried its hand at Photoshop. The resulting relatable meme-hopeful popped up on the official Democratic Party’s Twitter feed:

They went to Redbox and copied a Mean Girls DVD cover starring Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell on their present meeting at Camp David. It’s not only totally out of touch with what the kids are doing these days but also with the rest of America, given the gravity of the topics the White House plans to address at Camp David:

  • National security (possible nuclear fucking war)
  • Immigration: Deport children, yes/no
  • Immigration: Emptying $18 billion from America’s coffers for the WALL
  • Immigration: More ICE officers, meaning more ICE raids (proposed addition to a potential Dream Act)
  • Taking away my healthcare
  • The opioid crisis (actual issue)

It is offensive to America and offensive to Regina George’s leadership skills and fundamentally abuses the crop tool.

Coincidentally, the @GOP Photoshopped their official takedown of Fire and Fury on Friday.

Great talk, everyone.

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