The View: Nadya Suleman Loves That Question!


The question was “are you mentally ill?” But then, Nadya Suleman seemed pretty giddy about everything on today’s View. I’m not sure what her goal was, but if it was appearing somewhat insane and making everyone really uncomfortable, mission accomplished!

A lot of it, it’s true, was just the fault of the laugh – a nervous, hysterical eruption that sounds like a cross between Amadeus and sobbing, and which is, says Suleman, a source of great embarrassment. Sherri loved it, though.

Okay, that’s really only part of it. (Sherri also may or may not have been under the impression that all 14 of Suleman’s kids are autistic.) Suleman’s explanation seemed to be: I’m a good multi-tasker, I’ve been in denial my entire life, and I need to shill stuff to support my kids. Oh, and my pregnant belly was gross. And I just lost a hundred pounds for the money. None of it, it must be said, terribly reassuring. She denies she is mentally ill. The women of the View, all apparently trained shrinks, disagree. But, as Elisabeth concludes weakly, the kids are indeed adorable.
This is how the two-part segment ended.

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