There’s Only 1 Explanation for Why Kendall Jenner Was Just in Dallas

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are reportedly back on, “taking things slowly” and “rekindling” their relationship.

There’s Only 1 Explanation for Why Kendall Jenner Was Just in Dallas

About two months after Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny split, Jenner reportedly slid back to ex Devin Booker, and I am personally watching all of this unfold like Hillary Clinton in that 2011 photo in the White House Situation Room. Sources told TMZ this weekend that Jenner and Booker are “taking things slowly” and “rekindling” their relationship. (When they broke up in 2022, supposedly over busy schedules, they’d been together since early 2020.) Per TMZ’s sources, Jenner and Booker are “not even exclusive just yet” this go-around. This non-exclusivity could explain social media speculation about model Christina Nadin’s recent selfie that appears to be taken in Booker’s bathroom (seemingly taken while Booker was vacationing in Cabo, maybe with Kendall???), as well as the ongoing rumors that Nadin and Booker are also seeing each other.

Given all the speculation about Nadin and Booker, I’d otherwise be skeptical about reports that he and Jenner are back on, except for this crucial nugget from the TMZ report:

Eyewitnesses tell us they’ve even seen Kendall pop up in Dallas this week while Devin was in town for the Mavs/Suns game Thursday—so yeah, she’s even traveling to be with him lately.

That—to hook up with Devin Booker when the Phoenix Suns are playing an away game—is the only plausible explanation for Jenner, or anyone, really, to swing by Dallas, Texas. No offense, lovely place I’m sure, and the Mavericks’ Luca Dončić is another excellent reason to stop by. All I’m saying is that I don’t think Jenner was just passing through for fun!

There have been other hints that something may be going on between Booker and Jenner, like his casual appearance in the KarJenner Super Bowl suite earlier this month, though he and Jenner weren’t seen interacting, or Kylie Jenner resharing photos of Booker wearing pieces from her clothing line Khy to her Instagram story on February 13. Incidentally, around the time all that was happening, I actually spoke to the prophetic NBA Twitter account, The Zodiac GM, about Booker and Jenner’s relationship as two Scorpios. “Of course, their energies are going to get along and they’re compatible,” he told me, but there are also Scorpios’ more self-sabotaging tendencies to consider, like “jealousy” and “materialism” which can be detrimental to any relationship. On Monday, The Zodiac GM told Jezebel that Booker, as a Scorpio with a Gemini moon, and Jenner, as a Scorpio with an Aries moon, have a “very strong connection,” and their Aries and Gemini moons “speak volumes on how they connect: Aries moon brings the spark and Gemini entertains it.”

“It’s one of those types of relationships that is very exciting, then can end abruptly, but will end up missing each other because of how much fun they had together,” he continued. “Scorpios are also known to have a ‘fixated’ feeling on someone once their decision are made, meaning once they love you, it’s for good.”

If Jenner and Booker are back on, surely Phoenix Suns fans are anxious about the famed “Kardashian Kurse” heading into the final stretch before the playoffs. But I’m willing to bet Jenner’s friends are happy: Back in November, shortly before Jenner and Bad Bunny confirmed their split, a source told Us Weekly that Jenner’s friends hoped she’d get back together with Booker: “Kendall’s friends don’t think she’ll be with Bad Bunny forever. … Truth be told, some of them are secretly hoping she gets back together with Devin again. That’s who they feel suited her the best and who made her feel the happiest in their opinion.” And you know what? I, too, would like for one of my friends to date Devin Booker because that would put me in closer proximity to Devin Booker. Alas, none of my friends currently are, and I guess it’s too early to tell whether Jenner is either!

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