This British Kid Out-Timberlakes Justin Timberlake


Ridiculous spelling aside, “R U Crazy,” the new single from 20-year-old British singer Conor Maynard — who looks like the son of Robin Thicke and Rick Astley — is relentlessly catchy, and sounds delightfully downright Timberlake-esque. The old, cool, “Cry Me A River”-era JT, that is — not the current “Suit and Snooze” Justin. While Timberlake is making weak, watered-down, yawn-inducing slow-ass “Take Back the Night” crap, Maynard actually has us dancing in our seats. Maybe it’s derivative, but we’re too busy bouncing our shoulders to the hypnotic bass line to notice. Not feeling it? Hit the road, jack.

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