This Travel Ad Is Sheer, Hilarious Perfection and a Total Genius Mess

It’s a bunch of travel agents just struttin’ through town. And it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And it will bring joy to your heart and a song to your throat, because whatever these agents thought they were advertising, they were wrong; they’re selling pure magic. (AND attitude.)

This whole strutting thing (and I have to be real, the woman in the middle is my favorite because she is serving it) reminds me of when I used to do water aerobics and the ladies and I — I was usually the only guy and, not to brag, the only person with a full range of motion — would have to take out our imaginary basketballs and dribble them with attitude on our way to disrupt the water running class happening at the deep end of the pool. Then we would adjust our attitude. Actually, excellent idea Thorne Travel: Your next ad should be everyone doing water aerobics! It’s the wave of the future@

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