This Meerkat Expert Is in the Dog House For Going Apeshit on a Monkey Handler 



The London Zoo has received some unwanted attention after a meerkat expert, monkey handler, and llama keeper became embroiled in a love triangle, culminating when one woman hit another woman in the face with a wine glass at the zoo’s Christmas party.

The AP reports that Caroline Westlake (meerkat duty) must complete 12 months of community service and pay 800 pounds to Kate Sanders (monkey patrol). Turns out, Adam Davies (llama boy) had dated both women.

In the hearing, Westlake claimed that the fight was instigated when Sanders punched her, held her over a 30 foot balcony, and spat on her.

The Telegraph reports that after Davies ended his five-year relationship with Sanders, he asked out Westlake, who refused because she didn’t want to be a rebound. Several months later, she agreed. Sanders, however, allegedly began to send texts and photos to the pair whenever she knew they were together.

From the trial:

Defence solicitor Suzanne Kelly put it to Miss Sanders that she had instigated the Christmas party brawl with Miss Westlake by punching her in the face and lunging at her, pushing her over nearby railings, causing extensive bruising to her lower back.
There were gasps from the public gallery as she said: “That is definitely not true, I did push her against the barrier to protect myself.
“She may have got those injuries at work, we do a very physical job.”
Miss Sanders admitted seeing him kiss another woman at another, previous, Christmas party but denied following him into the toilets screaming and crying on that occasion.

Sanders maintained throughout the proceedings that she had done no wrong.

“It is not true that this happened because I am not jealous.”


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