Twitter Finally Bans Graham Linehan for Being Transphobic, Which :}

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Twitter Finally Bans Graham Linehan for Being Transphobic, Which :}

Twitter has permanently (slash finally!!!!) suspended Graham Linehan for being a transphobic pièce du garbage.

The social media platform told The Guardian that the creator of Father Ted—a purportedly beloved British TV show I’d have never even heard of in the first place had this guy not been such a raging, anti-trans asshole over the past couple of years—had his @glinner account suspended following “repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation.”

The final straw appears to have been a reply to a tweet by the Women’s Institute wishing their trans members a happy Pride that read: “men aren’t women tho.” That’s honestly kind of mild compared to his innumerable past instances of transphobic fear-mongering, which includes comparing the provision of gender-affirming care to trans children to Nazi experiments, dismissing the push for gender self-identification in the U.K. to a campaign led by “privileged white people,” and accusing writer and Transgender Studies Quarterly editor Grace Lavery of “grooming” her university students.

Anyway, Linehan fled to Mumsnet after his suspension, hoping to drum up support from those who frequent messageboard that Vice once called “Ground Zero for British transphobia.” Instead of sympathy, the erstwhile sitcom writer was told to take his entitled male self elsewhere.

“Sorry, who are you and why should I care that you’ve been banned from Twitter?” one Mumsnet user wrote back to Linehan’s post. “You seem to be a man by the looks of it, so why are you posting in the feminism forum? This is a female space”

In the words of Bart Simpson, the ironing is delicious.

In a new profile for Vulture, Alia Shawkat addressed the video of her saying the N-word while onstage at a South by Southwest event in 2016. The clip went viral on social media in early June, and she publicly apologized for it not long after.

The Search Party star says she didn’t even remember saying the slur until she saw the video. That kinda raises more questions than it answers, but anyway—here’s what she said:

That’s what’s upsetting about it… In my mind, I wasn’t like, ‘What the fuck did I just say? Take that back, I’m sorry, never should have said that.’ Instead, I just carried it on like a joke and didn’t think about it afterward. That was more upsetting, in a way, than saying the word.

Shawkat also answered some questions about the relationship rumors swirling around her and Brad Pitt.

“We’re not dating,” she said. “We’re just friends.”

Gia Gunn—the mondo gorgina drag entertainer who brought some much-needed Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent to the testosterone-fueled sausagefests of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 and All Stars season 4—has some thoughts on mask-wearing and the covid-19 pandemic:

I think the whole mask thing is fucking ridiculous. I think this whole covid-19 thing is a hoax. I think everybody that is, you know, taking precautions is cute, and it’s definitely the thing to do. But I also think a lot of people are brainwashed. I think the more and more we look around and see each other with masks on, the more influenced we’re going to be to also put our masks on, which then, to me, insinuates that things are not OK. I’m here to tell you guys that things are more OK than the government is allowing us to think.

While I agree that taking precautions is cute, I disagree that this whole covid-19 thing is a hoax. Spicy take of mine, I know. Please wear a mask!

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