Update: No One Knows Kit Harington's Real Height


On Monday, we launched a multi-part investigation into the height of Kit Harington, an actor who claims to be 5’8, but is not 5’8. What began as a fun look into some questionable facts has, in the following hours, turned into something far more mysterious and sinister. Why? Because no one knows how tall Kit Harington really is.

Here are some “answers” we received through comments and email.

I am 5’5.5. Kit’s eyes are flush with mine although he is leaning slightly. I’d say 5’6 and not a half-inch taller.
I met him a few times in Toronto and he was roughly… I want to say 5’5” with brown eyes, smile like the sunrise. But in all seriousness, 5’6” at the very tallest.
He was a bit taller than me at 5’4” in flats, not 5’8”, but probably 5’7”. However, he didn’t seem short, more of average and built beautifully.
Seriously, Kit Harington is pocket-size.
I know how tall he is because I interviewed him once. I’m 5’6 and he was about half a head taller than me (I had shoes on, he didn’t – he’d adorably kicked them off).
Boyfriend and friends stood behind Kit Harington at Glastonbury 2011 for Wu Tang Clan’s set. Estimate 5 foot 7.
I read your article about Kit Harrington’s height and I wanted to let you know that he is 5’8.
I met Kit Harrington at a pub once. He’s definitely less than 5’8. I think 5’5 or 5’6 is about right.
I’m a little over 5 foot 6 and was wearing at least 4 inch heels. Kit was decidedly shorter than me. As such, I’d say 5 foot 8 is probably about right.
I am 5’4” and he was maybe, MAYBE an inch or two taller than me.
I am 5’7 and we were about the same height. He MIGHT have been maybe .5 – 1 inch taller than me.

Is he 5’5? 5’7? 5’8? How tall was Kit Harington when the towers fell? Does he know if Stevie Wonder is actually blind? And what about the missing Malaysian Airways jetliner? Could anyone involved with that tell us how tall Kit Harington is?

It’s time the world demanded some answers.

P.S. He’s obviously 5’6.

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