Watch Captain America Help Walk National Treasure Betty White on Stage


Watching Captain America aka Chris Evans escort Betty White on to the stage at an awards ceremony might be one of the best things that you’ll see for a long time.

White was presented with the Icon Award at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night. According to E! Online, they were sitting next to each other during the ceremony, and when her name was announced, Evans (who is an actual real life walking Marvel action figure) jumped up to escort her onstage to claim her award.

I can think of a few moments on television that made history because they were so inspiring—the moon landing, the Berlin Wall coming down,the Miracle on Ice, that time Ina Garten made a Hollandaise without the sauce breaking—but really, is there anything more rousing than watching Captain America help true national hero Betty White walk on stage to accept an award?

Here are all the gifs you will ever need of this moment:

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