Watch Kim Kardashian and Snooki Confront Their Internet Haters


H8R (yes, really) is The CW’s latest reality offering due out in the fall. The premise? Finding the internet’s most shit-talking trolls and surprising them in person with the celebrity they spoke so terribly of online.

What’s H8R‘s winning recipe? Add the hidden camera aspect of Punk’d with the “gotcha!” factor of Cheaters, add a dash of To Catch A Predator‘s shame, and slap on a title just as widely ridiculed as @#$! My Dad Says. Throw Mario Lopez into the mix as host and you’ve got yourself a show.

Take the clip above of Nick, who wrote, “Snooki’s birth was a hate-crime to Italians.” In the series, Mario Lopez shows the clip to Snooki, then sets her loose unsuspecting hater. The look on Nick’s face when Snooki barges into his local pool hall is priceless.

[Via New York Post]

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