What's With The Special Bond Between Women & Cats?


Sex kitten. Cougar. Pussy. Women and cats go hand in hand.

Some scientists say women are hardwired to take care of things; sounds like a lot of bullshit, because those “things” could be bunnies, or puppies, or chickens. But the “crazy cat lady” myth persists. (Did you catch that cat lady “special”?) And from Ancient Egypt to the Salem witch trials, cats and women have found themselves inextricably linked.

My theory: It’s the independence. Babies cry, dogs whine, cats do their own damn thing. And the truth is, a man can have a pack of puppies he gets all rough and tumble with, and no one calls him a “crazy dog man.” Dudes hang with their “dawgs,” a woman’s passion is painted as a mental illness.

Cats are slinky, sinuous, sharp-eyed, quick to scratch if attacked and only affectionate to the deserving. Maybe women sense a kindred spirit?

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