Who Is This Creep in Magic Magic and What Did He Do with Michael Cera?


Breaking news from the world of acting: Michael Cera is no longer Michael Cera-ing! Next thing you know, Jesse Eisenberg will stop Michael Cera-ing, too, and we’ll have no more endearing, bumbling dorks left. What will the indie rom com genre do then, huh? What will they do?

Everyone calm down. Just CALM DOWN. It’s going to be fine. Michael Cera is simply trying to expand the types of roles he takes and from the looks of the Magic Magic trailer, he’s doing a hell of job of it.

Cera plays the villain in the upcoming psychological thriller, which costars Juno Temple and Catalina Sandino Moreno. Watch the trailer and soon George Michael Bluth will be but a sweet and distant memory.

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