Woman Claims She Waited Almost Six Hours for Target Customer Service


Consider your holiday shopping gripes trumped: Arizona’s 3TV News reports that a local woman says she waited on hold with Target customer service for nearly six hours.

Six hours!

It all started when Katie Johnson ordered her boyfriend an iPod Nano for Christmas. When it didn’t show up, she called UPS, who told her it’d been left on her porch. Since it had apparently been stolen, she’d need to get Target to file a claim as the sender.

But that massive credit card breach from a couple weeks ago has left the company swamped, so good luck trying to get someone on the phone. When Johnson called company’s customer service department, she waited. And waited and waited, and then waited some more. Repeated attempts to contact the company have gotten her just a form-letter email, suggesting she double-check her porch.

Understandably, she is very sad about this:

“It disappoints me because Target is one of my favorite stores and it makes me not want to shop there now because of this situation. And I even went into a Target store and asked them [for help] but they gave me the same number I was on hold with forever and I was, like, not doing that again,” said Johnson.

Clearly Target needs to get its house in order. But who spends six freaking hours on the phone with customer service? After the first two you’ve got to figure they’re not picking up. Let’s hope she at least put the phone on speaker and gave herself a pedicure, maybe ate some Christmas leftovers.

(h/t Death and Taxes)

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