Woman Swaps Stupid Wedding Rings For Awesome Football Tickets


In more tales of the beauty of love and romance, a woman has traded her wedding rings in favor of tickets to a Kansas City Chiefs game.

The lucky man who ended up with the rings is 49-year-old Kansas City man Rusty Jones, who said he discovered her offer to swap the rings for tickets on Craigslist (CRAIGSLIST. Ha! Nothing weird ever comes out of there.) Jones said the woman who was offering the rings wanted to surprise a loved one with a trip to a game at Arrowhead Stadium. Well, alrighty then!

According to the Kansas City Star, the woman (who wishes to remain anonymous so she can surprise the person she’s sharing the tickets with) made out pretty good in the trade:

The official trade was the ring for 4 tickets to the 12/1 Broncos game and 2 tickets to the 11/24 Chargers game.
And not bad tickets either: section 123.

Hey, the Chiefs are 9-0 so far this season; that’s totally worth ditching the symbol of a never-ending perfect eternal union of love! OK, wait—before you hurl your Jane Austen books into the fire and begin screeching your death wails about the end of romantic endearments, keep in mind the wedding rings were apparently from a marriage that ended in divorce, so really NBD at all. (See, because love was already dead in this case, you guise.)

Well, at least this makes me feel a lot less shitty about that time I tried to pawn my ex-boyfriend’s commemorative Dale Earnhardt plates so I could get tickets to see Hoobastank.

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