Women Feel Too Fat For Sex


In seriously depressing news, according to 4,000 women surveyed in a study by Sex In The Nation, 29% of British women are avoiding sex all together due to a fear they “look too fat” with 23% saying citing embarrassment about their “wobbly bits”. 13% of women said they only had sex with the lights off due to their embarrassment about being seen naked and one in ten would like to be more adventurous in the bedroom but stick to familiar sexual positions because they felt ashamed about various parts of their body.

Wow. We may have cracked this whole “women naturally have a lower sex drive” code. It may not be physiological as scientists have wanted to believe, it may just be that a high percentage of women hate their bodies so much that they don’t even believe their chosen sexual partner finds them desirable. I know, I know. I also thought fixing this whole wacky Female Sexual Dysfunction riddle would involve various lotions, gels, and pharmaceutical drugs, too.

Interesting point of fact: the survey was commissioned by Fembido, a “passion pill” made from a herbal blend that claims to increase female libido. Great. We’ve heard this one before. A drug company wanted to find out why women have “lower” sex drives than men, found out that it may have something to do with a lack of self-esteem, and still found a way to market a drug to cure what they think ails you: a lack of proprietary herbal supplement blend.

Not tonight, dear, I’m feeling too fat: Half of women avoid sex with partners because of their weight [Daily Mail]
Orgasm, Inc. [IMDB]

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