Wow, the America's Next Top Model Reboot Looks Good as Hell


Here is your “official super trailer” for America’s Next Top Model, now featuring less Tyra Banks and way, way more Rita Ora. Bad news: It’s hosted by Rita Ora. Great news: ANTM is back, baby!

The format of the beloved reality TV staple appears to be very much the same. There are four judges: Ashley Graham; Law Roach (responsible for styling Celine Dion and Zendaya); Drew Elliot of PAPER, and Rita Freaking Ora, a woman who has somehow managed to stick around despite doing absolutely nothing of note.

Everything looks pretty much the same, just with a bigger budget and better sets: There are a bunch of gangly, beautiful girls vying for the dubious honor of being crowned America’s next top model. There’s a photo shoot in what appears to be the produce aisle of my local C-Town. There’s a fainter. There’s someone who cries. There are unicorn onesies and a runway show that looks better than any of the finales of any season of this show, hands down. I will miss Tyra for her Tyra-ness and the delightfully unhinged nature she brought to the proceedings, but this new version looks slick and glossy and so, very good.

I haven’t been excited about a season of this ridiculous television program in years. Who knew that all it took was for Tyra Banks to pass the torch?

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