Your Afternoon Happy Cry: Long Lost Twins Are Reunited


On February 1, 2013, actress Sam Futerman got the most astonishing Facebook message. A French fashion designed living in London named Anais saw her in a Youtube video, and realized that they looked exactly alike. While messaging back and forth, the two also found out that they were born on the same day and in the same city in South Korea, before Sam was adopted by an American family, and Anais by a French one.

That’s right, these girls are long lost twins, separated at birth, but together again. In fact, they have the DNA test to prove it, which they submitted to as part of a Kickstarter-funded documentary film that they made about their respective journeys as Western adoptees, and about how their lives have changed since finding each other. If you’re alone or don’t mind your coworkers hearing you cry, then check out the documentary trailer above, or this Good Morning America segment, wherein Anais admits that she poked Sam’s head when they met in person for the first time, and where both attest to feeling complete after finding each other:


I did feel like I missed something. I had an imaginary friend. She was called Anne. I needed that comfort I guess.


It’s an overwhelming thing to know that two little Asian hobbits can make a difference. It’s so silly but it brings back all that joy and happiness of childhood. And it makes that real.

No joke, I’ve been fighting back tears while writing this post (maybe because I’m an only child so this is my fantasy come to life???). I suspect that when I see this documentary, I won’t be able to hold it together, because come on! This story is like The Parent Trap, but REAL, and without the focus on the messed up parents. So way more poignant.

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