Your Feet Are Crying for Help Because Your Shoes Are Too Small


Do you really know what size shoe you wear? Probably not because, like boobs, our bodies are ever changing.

According to a new study released by the College of Podiatry, a British professional group, the average foot is about two sizes bigger than it was in the 1970s. Put simply, our feet are bigger because we’re bigger, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Nordstorm, the land of plenty for size eleven foot women like myself, has seen a surge in larger shoe sales and even hosts parties celebrating their long-footed customers. (Where was I when this was happening? I wanna go!) Companies like Long Tall Sally are turning the most profit with sizes 12 and 13 in the U.S. and they’ve even added a size 15, which accounts for 10 percent of their business.

But still, many people aren’t having their feet sized properly before they buy new shoes, which leads to corns, bunions and ultimately bone problems that may require an operation at some point.

“It’s like when your mom said, ‘Don’t make that face, it will stay that way,’ ” he says. “It does actually stay that way when you put so much pressure on the toe over a long period of time.”

You’re not suffering for fashion, you’re probably just suffering until surgery.

There are obvious offenders like stilettos, which put all of the wearer’s weight on the front of the foot, but ballet flats are also unhealthy. Says Alison Garten, a Washington D.C.-area podiatrist, regarding their lack of support:

“It’s like walking around barefoot.” She estimates that shoes are to blame for the problems of as many as 40% of her male patients and 60% of female.

Another lie we tell ourselves? Shoes will stretch. They generally won’t so make sure to get your foot sized next time you go shopping at a classy establishment that can do that sort of thing and only buy shoes that actually fit your foot. Your toes will thank you.

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