4 Vanderbilt Football Players Dismissed Amid Sex Crimes Investigation


Four Vanderbilt University football players have been dismissed from their team and suspended from school; this came a day after an announcement from the university that Nashville Metro police are investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred in a campus dorm on Wednesday. Both police officials and the university have acknowledged that these suspensions are related to the ongoing investigation.

“The well-being of our students is of paramount concern to us, and we will not tolerate any actions that threaten student safety and security,” said Vanderbilt vice chancellor for public affairs Beth Fortune in a statement.

Police have declined to remark on exactly what they’re investigating, and none of the players have been named. As of late Saturday night, no arrests have been made — however, the four players are forbidden to return to campus “without explicit permission,” according to the school’s office of student conduct and academic integrity. In an email to the Tennessean, Vanderbilt athletics director David Williams wrote that he had “no statement at the time.”

With so few details, it’s impossible to piece together a comprehensive picture of what occurred — but it is relieving to see a university take a report of sexual assault so seriously. According to Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron, “This is an open and very much active investigation.”

“Vanderbilt Dismisses 4 Football Players As Nashville Police Investigate Possible Sex Crime” [Huffington Post]
Image via AP.

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