9 Ways Of Looking At A Rom-Com: New Genres For The 2010s


A publicist’s email described British film Mr. Right as a “hom-rom-com,” leading us to wonder what other prefixes we could slap onto rom-com to revive the tired genre. Idea-starved filmmakers, take note!

Hom-rom-com apparently refers to the fact that the characters in Mr. Right are homosexual. Pretty revolutionary, but we think we can do better:

bomb-rom-com: so far, the only entry in this genre is Dr. Strangelove. Ripe for newcomers!

pom-rom-com: a touching romance between a woman and her overpriced bottle of all-natural pomegranate juice. Will the antioxidants be enough to keep them together?

dom-rom-com: a love story between a dominatrix and a client or clients. A subgenre, the Dom-dom-rom-com, involving a dominatrix and Dom DeLuise, will be more difficult to make since his death in 2009.

calm-rom-com: for those who like their entertainment a little more relaxing, a romantic comedy without plot twists, excessive emotion, or sudden gestures.

prom-rom-com: many romantic comedies involve a prom, but a film taking place entirely at a prom has, to our knowledge, yet to be made. The possibilities — including drunkenness, loss of virginity, and the birth of an unexpected child — are endless.

nom-rom-com: a combination romantic-comedy/horror movie in which a tortured hero is compelled to “nom” his beloved.

Guam-rom-com: Guam — where America’s day, and one couple’s love, begins.

mom-rom-com: a romantic comedy version of MILF Island.

just like Secretary, except instead of James Spader giving the heroine increasingly erotic directions, her TomTom GPS does.

We’re sure that these new ideas will revitalize the romantic comedy genre — because as experience has shown, nothing makes a great movie like an incredibly restrictive prefab template.

Mr. Right [IMDb]

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