A Conversation About Black Women in Comedy That Won't Make You Dumber


Earlier this week, SNL’s Kenan Thompson told TV Guide that the lack of black female comedians on the SNL cast is because they’re “not ready.” A lot of people had Thoughts about/excuses for this, many of which were almost contagiously dumb. Not this.

Azie Mira Dungey and Amani Starnes — stars of the YouTube truthromps Ask a Slave and United Colors of Amani, respectively — posted a Vlog (a terrible word that I promise I’ll never use again) wherein the two actresses and IRL friends discuss the complicated experience of being a black woman in entertainment.

Besides being honest, funny, and informative, their two-part conversation taught me something important: Azie and Amani should have had a talk show together 5 minutes ago.


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