A List of People I Don't Care About That I'm Supposed To


Each and every day it is the job of the people that work at this website to wake up in the morning and care about the lives of others. Some of those others are worth it. Some of them are not. And some of them have been deemed worth it by society en masse and so unfortunately, whether we care about them or not, we are forced to. What follows are those individuals who fall into that last category. Note: Not everyone here on staff agrees with all entries; this is just a compilation.

1. Princess Diana

2. Kate Middleton

3. Prince Harry

4. Prince William

5. Prince Charles

6. Any one who is a royal they are all boring.

7. Marilyn Monroe

8. Any one from Teen Mom, especially Farrah Abraham (Sorry Tracie)

9. Giuliana and Bill Rancic (Their reality TV show has been on for six seasons. SIX.)

10. Sydney Leathers (Good name; boring girl.)

11. Robert Pattinson

12. Mitt Romney, circa 2012 (He was obviously going to lose, what a waste of America’s time.)

13. Jessica Biel (Hair, teeth, nothing else.)

14. Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde (Pretty people getting together, next.)

15. Brad and Angelina (Ditto.)

16. Taylor Lautner

17. Any one on Breaking Bad (Sorry guys, I’m sure you’re all nice and talented.)

18. Gwen Stefani (Has not put out good music in what feels like decades.)

19. Jennifer Aniston (Justin Theroux though…woof.)

20. Kings of Leon (How can your sex be on fire? Seems a far too painful thing to sing about.)

21. Jason Biggs (Happy that he’s found new success masturbating again on Orange and the New Black but…eh.)

22. The Jonas Brothers

23. Vanessa Hudgens

24. Hugh Jackman (Nice bod though.)

25. Justin Bieber

26. Lady Antebellum (How could you have won all those Grammys? HOW?)

27. J. Lo (Used to love Jenny from the Block and then she broke up with Marc Anthony and blahhh.)

28. Madonna (Samesies as J. Lo, just sub in Guy Ritchie.)

29. Any one on Real Housewives of Orange Country

30. Any one on True Blood or The Vampire Diaries (Sorry vampires actually suck GET IT?)

31. The Kennedys.

32. The Black Eyed Peas (Every. Last. One.)

You can take a sneak peek at Vanity Fair‘s story about Princess Diana’s “true love” on their website now.

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