A Meth-Tainted Coffee Maker May Have Poisoned a Man and His Son


There’s already plenty of things to be paranoid of when staying in a hotel. Bedbugs, suspicious bedspread stains, a rogue pubic hair left by a stranger. Now, there’s apparently a new fear for us: meth-contaminated coffee makers!

Travis Richard got sick after he and his family stayed at a hotel in Omaha and believe it was due to the in-room coffee maker, according to AP. He brewed a cup of joe and began to feel weird 20 minutes after drinking it. His son also took a sip of the coffee, as toddlers do, and fell ill during the ride back home.

Police are investigating the incident while the family is waiting on tests to confirm it was meth. Maybe it was just really shitty coffee.

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Image via Shutterstock.

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