Andrew Garfield Mansplains Femininity to Emma Stone

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The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did a Q&A for kids this week, and star Andrew Garfield got a healthy dose of side-eye from Emma Stone when he answered the question of how Spider-Man got his suit in a particularly smarmy way.

“He made it. He made it with his bare hands. He sewed it, he took some sewing classes and some needle work,” he said in the video above.

“It’s kind of a feminine thing to do, he made a very masculine costume out of a very feminine [task].”

That answer didn’t sit well with Stone who turned to Garfield and pointedly asked him how sewing was feminine. This led to gasps from the crowd (and Jamie Foxx) as well as some classic derailment from Garfield, who opened his eyes really wide and acted surprised that anyone would find his words at all inflammatory.

“It’s feminine in the sense… It’s amazing how you took that as an insult,” he said.
“It’s feminine because I would say that femininity is about more delicacy and precision and detailed work and craftsmanship, like my mother, she’s an amazing craftsman,” he explained.

“She in fact made my first Spider-Man costume when I was 3 so I use it as a compliment, not just in complimenting women but in men as well. We all have feminine in us, young men.”

Andrew Garfield, Jungian scholar, everyone! [Yahoo]

Lindsay Lohan guest-hosted The View on Friday morning. Lohan told Barbara Walters that she’s doing great with her sobriety, is avoiding dating (men have been a distraction for LiLo), and wants to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Lohan said that people have forgotten that she’s an actress, not just a personality, and stated that she’s very proactive in her career (completely contradicting hours of footage from that show Oprah gave her and then threatened to take away because Lindsay was not at all proactive and was missing meetings and giving Oprah GRIEF).

Lohan is currently working on her well-being in preparation to take Hollywood by storm. You can do it, Lindsay! Take back that spotlight! [E!]

  • No one understands what the fuck Lady Gaga is singing. [Independent]
  • Kandi Burruss is trying to get pregnant! I wonder what Mama Joyce thinks. [InTouch]
  • Tom Hardy will be playing very handsome twin gangsters in an upcoming film. [Perez]
  • After commenters expressed concern (Y U LOOK LIKE THAT) over Debbie Gibson’s weight in her latest Instagram photos, the singer has revealed that she is battling Lyme Disease. Here’s hoping that her treatment is going well and that Tiffany is supporting Gibson through her recovery. [SheKnows]
  • Gwen Stefani will replace Christina Aguilera on The Voice. I hope Ariel Schrag is doing okay with this news. I know my tenth-grade self isn’t. [Us]
  • Kim Kardashian may be starving herself to be a size zero in time for her concept-event based-on-a-wedding. Don’t do it, Kim! This day is about you! [InTouch]
  • Surprise! Lea Michele is likely a giant diva! [Us]
  • Mara Wilson will not be in the new Mrs. Doubtfire movie because she doesn’t do sequels or act much anymore. Suddenly, all I want is a denim jacket with “doesn’t do sequels” emblazoned on the back with rhinestones. Mara Wilson, on the other hand, just wants to be left alone. Sorry, Mara, I will never forget the perfect storm of awfmazing that was A Simple Wish. [Pajiba]
  • Miley Cyrus has postponed the rest of her Bangerz tour so that she can recuperate from a particularly nasty sinus infection. Her tour will resume in August. [E!]
  • Hilary Duff used an alias while getting coffee at Starbucks. I don’t know what it says about me that I was hoping her alias would be H!lary, (probably too much Paula Danziger), but Duff chose the much more sensible Lauren. Is this how she gets into character? Does she want someone to say “Wait, aren’t you Hilary Duff?” giving her the opportunity to laugh nervously and say “Ok, you got me. Just…no photos…please!” (Didn’t work, JustJared got about 372.) [JustJared]

Saturday morning is the perfect time to remind everyone that Jessica Wakefield is an unrepentant sociopath.

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