Ann Taylor's Photoshop Insanity


So it looks like Ralph Lauren is not the only company whose art department studied at the Gumby School Of Photoshop For People Who Like To Make Women Look Weird. Ann Taylor apparently also employs a number of graduates.

Although the mall retailer — recently buoyed by better-than-expected quarterly results — may be crawling back towards fashion respectability, its website is a veritable treasure trove of inept Photoshop. Did nobody notice that the model for this $119.99 dress appears to have shoulders twice the width of her hips, even though she’s standing front on to the camera?

Ah, to have magical silk shirts that tuck without any puckering or pleating into one’s waistband. This doesn’t even look like it’s made out of real fabric.

The pants are, if anything, even more uncanny. Though this shot does show that the shirt’s buttons have been manipulated extensively; here the lowest one is in an entirely different position than before.

Just what all women want when we’re shopping online: images where real human legs look like pool noodles! Looking like a Giacommetti is in this summer. Again.

This model’s silhouette looks like it was plotted on graph paper and then cut out with an X-acto knife. Why do companies do this, again?

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